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Milestone Therapeutic, Education & Rehabilitation Centre was formed in 2005 at Jaipur to provide psychosocial rehabilitation to individuals who are impaired or disabled by a mental disorder. The focus is not on interventions at the clinical level, but in trying to reduce the impact and burden of mental disorders on the lives of both patients and families.

Of anguish there is none greater in any other illness than that of mental disorders, although fortunately, it is mostly free from the excruciating pain that is associated with other illnesses. And this anguish does not come as much from the illness as that from the sense of humiliation, of being ridiculed, neglected and rejected. Ironically, anguish is suffered mostly by the family members when the patient is in an acute stage and has no control over his speech, actions or behavior. But as the patient recovers, this suffering is most strongly felt by the patient himself.

Milestone Therapeutic, Education & Rehabilitation Centre managed by Gurukul Spastic Society (Regd. No. 341/2009-10) for the welfare of under-privileged children was inaugurated on 2005 at Jaipur, Rajasthan. The centre was inaugurated by our Founder, Dr.H.R.Meena and is the result of initiatives taken by Founder as part of other similar projects for the welfare of common man.