Milestone offers a special cell for Learning Disabilities at its centres. Children with learning disabilities are different and require a unique approach to learning. Our approach is towards the holistic development of the child in our care and to stimulate the mental process of the child through games, educational toys and worksheets.

What are the signs to know that your child needs a special approach to learning?
  • When your child confuses letters, numbers and numerical notations.
  • He is confused about directions and finds it difficult to differentiate between right and left,which is the reason they write in reversed way.
  • Is unable to read and write.
  • Has problems in spellings.
  • He may also have trouble perceiving and remembering sequence.
  • Handwriting may generally be illegible with letters bearing irregular shape and size.
  • Having Low self esteem due to failure to cope with regular school norms and expectations.

With early intervention to the above signs in your child, a special educator at this juncture will work on the child's strengths with a tailor made educational plan that could help your child realise his capability thus helping the child to cope well in the main stream school of Education.

Children can be like puzzles. To understand any child perhaps requires patience and empathy. For children with learning disabilities, the above gets multiplied ten times over. Most of the children have an above average IQ. Einstein, Bill Gates, Susan Boyle and others are proof of that!