Milestone Special School is one of the pioneer educational institutions in Jaipur which renders special education to the intellectually handicapped. Education is a mission of love. Its purpose is to help people to develop all their potential, spiritual, affective, intellectual and physical enabling them to become a new person.

Milestone Special School the very name stands for Love, and it caters to the all round development of the children. Taught with love and understanding the children can achieve even the unexpected. Every word of encouragement increases their self esteem and helps them to perform better

Optimism makes us believe that things will go better for us; hope frees us from the need to predict the future and allow us to live in the present. Milestone Special School helps the children to live in the present with the hope of achieving their rightful place in the society. As we impart training to them we in turn learn from them how to love , to forgive, to be simple and childlike. Truly, it is the weak and humble of the earth who alone can teach us our true worth.

I congratulate the Principal and the faculty for their dedicated service and greate involvement with the Mentally Handicapped. It has brought great achievement to the society and specially to those who are associated with it. May the seed that you have sown grow into a mighty tree and flourish, uplifting the weaker section of the society by your service and selfless Charity.

I wish and pray that you may continue to carry out this mission of education to the less fortunate, upholding their human rights and helping to build a world of justice peace and human dignity.